The Air Outside


Air outside is warm.
What once was ever so cold
Now means us no harm.

Forgetful Princess


There was a princess who lived in a shed.
All she wanted was to lie in her bed.
She heard a loud trot
In which she forgot
It was the day she was to be wed.

wandering companion


Petals fall at my feet
Laying gently on the concrete

He was like that flower
So devoid of power
Home but still lost
Nose blue with frost

He chose to travel,
a whole new world to unravel
In which he was one out of many

I pet his smooth fur,
My vision a blur
And the happiest I could be.
The grass around us is tall and green
In the jungle where I feel like a queen.

Now the wind carries the petals
And I can’t help but wonder
Where it is this wanderer settles.