Marvel Characters In Thor Ragnarok

I really love Marvel films. Recently, Marvel released a new movie called Thor: Ragnarok. It is the third Thor movie, after Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013). In the movie, many marvel characters make an appearance. Together, a few Avengers and other superhuman beings work together to protect Asgard.


Thor is the god of thunder, mostly pictured with his hammer. He is the strongest avenger, and often must regain his power. Thor is the main character of the movie, as hinted in the title. While he tries to save his home, Asgard, he is able to realize more about himself and know that his strength is not limited to the hammer.


Loki, son of Odin, is Thor’s brother. If you have watched previous Thor movies, you may think Loki is a terrible figure. Even though he still isn’t perfect, I think that Loki isn’t completely the bad guy, and did/can do lots of good. He is very important to the overall storyline.


It is hard to believe that scientist Bruce Banner becomes the green monster. In Thor:Ragnarok, the hulk is someone who meets Thor and helps him along his journey.

Doctor Strange

At the beginning of the movie, Thor goes to find Loki at the mysterious address left on a card, where he meets the sorcerer. Doctor Strange uses his magic to send Thor and Loki to their father, Odin. He warns Thor of danger.

Iron Man

Although Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, did not actually feature in the movie, he was mentioned many times by the other Avengers.