About Me

Hi, my name is Ines. I love to travel, eat, read,
and create art. Welcome to my website.

Over the years, I was blessed with many new opportunities. I was able travel across the world and experience unique cultures. These trips helped me to grow spiritually and understand various values with which people live. It built my character, and who I have come to be as a person.

I moved to Shanghai knowing only two words and with an insular understanding. But before long, Shanghai became my home. It was the place where I felt significant, important, free. I loved the roads, the streets, and how the pavement curved unexpectedly and caused my bike to bounce. I loved the distinct smell that lingered in the air the day after the rain filled up the streets and made the road a pool. I met friends that I can never imagine living without. They encouraged me and helped make my life meaningful. A few years later, I moved to Seoul, South Korea. I made new friends along the way and faced different challenges.

Since then, I continue to travel whenever I can. From the countless memories that I hold onto and will continue to keep as I grow older, there were several of which I had the opportunity to capture in photographs.